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Before Brand North, we were working away for corporations. Keeping track of EBITDA, looking at acquisitions that would fold in well to larger companies and create marketing efficiencies.. Dumb stuff like that. There was a strong drive to create something meaningful, that helped company owners, their employees, and communities. Brand North was founded out of that vision, to grow by helping create more commerce for growth-minded owners. Through that, we developed strategies that work, for business. Because our background is in business, we view things through that lens, not through code or backlinks like other agencies. We wanted to create campaigns that change people's lives. So that's what we do.

  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads & GMB Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Sales Consulting
  • Business Solutions
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Business Development
  • Lead Generation & Automation
  • Content Development & Copywriting

Brand North's Values

We take our clients to new heights with results-based strategies and marketing methods that are reliable and field-tested. We don’t provide cookie cutter solutions. We find out what unique problems are occurring in your business and solve them for you. Every project is different, which is why each campaign is specifically tailored to you, your audience, and your perfect client. Brand North caters to local and national clients of all sizes, with a focus on industries that have face-to-face customer interactions. When you work with Brand North, you’ll gain top search rankings, drive more business to your website, and implement operational strategies to handle the increase in business - while paying close attention to your margins

Family By Design

We are an extension of every company we work with, not just a partner.

We treat our client’s business as if it was our own.

Because of this, we always provide the best possible product.

We always treat our coworkers and our clients with respect.

Unconditional Accountability

Always be drama free. That means we take responsibility for our mistakes, we avoid playing the blame game, and we focus on the solution and what can be done.

No one should ever have to look over anyone’s shoulder.

Always be honest and work to better the organization.

Never Stop Dreaming

We never cease our search for innovation. As individuals, we are always learning; as a team, we are always collaborating.

We live to replicate success and to repeat growth, both inside and outside the office.

We strive towards improvement, as we realize that it is a process and not a destination.

Meet the Team

George Kocher, Founder & CEO


George Kocher is a data driven leader with experience building and managing high performance sales and marketing teams. After graduating from Cornell University, George worked as an Analyst at Barclays Capital and VP of Business Development for Lakeview Health, a portfolio company of The Riverside Company. He currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Brand North. George has a proven track record of success in leading teams and an ability to find overlooked opportunities. In 2020, George was elected to the Forbes Business Council and is regularly asked to contribute as an expert on subjects ranging from SEO to business automation.

He has been quoted in ThriveGlobal, CEOBlogNation, Cience and many other national publications. As a former Division 1 wrestler, George is still an avid health and wellness enthusiast, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fan, and marathoner. In addition to caring about his own health, George is a mental health advocate and enjoys volunteering.

He lives in Boca Raton, FL with his wife and his dog Franky.

Rick Aranda, Senior Software Engineer


Rick began his career after graduating with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. After gaining experience in the field, Rick became the CEO for Idea Web Development, Inc. and held the position for over a decade, where he oversaw the completion of hundreds of digital projects and websites, trained and mentored numerous junior programmers, and helped all of his clients reach their digital marketing goals. Rick is a jack-of-all-trades developer with a portfolio of over 2000 websites and numerous applications; his experience in programming, marketing, website/app development, SEO, and PPC has made him an invaluable member of the team at Brand North . If we need a website or application designed, programmed, and developed from scratch, Rick is our go-to guy.

My biggest passion as a full-stack developer is being able to continually grow my skill set with the always-changing digital landscape. Creation of fully-featured web and mobile applications only further emphasizes my devotion and excitement of building new things.

Languages and skills

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • AngularJS/Angular2
  • VueJS
  • PHP
  • Laravel (PHP)
  • NodeJS (SailsJS)
  • UI/UX Design and Development
  • mySQL/SQLite
  • ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Grav (PHP)
  • Mobile Development (Ionic/AngularJS and Apache Cordova)
  • Server Scaffolding

Paul Petrac, Brand Manager & Senior Copywriter


Originally from Orlando, Paul moved to Boca Raton in 2012 to attend Florida Atlantic University. After graduating in 2016 with a degree in Writing & Rhetoric and Commercial Music, Paul continued his career in the music and digital marketing industries, working with a number of chart-topping performers, international brands, and digital marketing agencies.

In addition to his career in music, Paul has worked as a professional copywriter, ghost writer, and content manager with over 1000 published articles online. Paul was also employed as an English and Writing tutor at Palm Beach State University, where he worked with bachelor’s- and master’s-level students. He uses his experience in event production/management, brand management, and professional writing to create content that informs and inspires.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys writing music, playing volleyball, training CrossFit, and spending time at the beach. As a dual citizen, Paul visits his family in the UK as often as possible.

Hannah Loos, Content Writer

A recent grad from the University of Richmond, Hannah received a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She was a division I field hockey player and played her sport for 12 years -- she learned invaluable lessons along the way. With experience in branding and sales, she decided to delve into the digital marketing world as a content writer. Writing has always come easy to her, but she lost touch with it during her years in the school of business. She is happy to reignite her passion here at Brand North. She has hopes to help cultivate the company with her writing skills, foundational business knowledge, and growth-mindset.


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